PMemory Lesson 5

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Today I did the School of Phenomenal Memory Lesson 5. The first part of the lesson has a total of 75 images. The 75 images are memorized using a combination of many of the techniques taught in the prior lessons. I was completely amazed as it took me 43 minutes to memorize the entire list. When I tested my list I discovered I skipped one image during the memorization steps. So, I didn’t really forget it…I just overlooked it while memorizing the images.

The rest of the lesson adds 10 more numbers and their corresponding figurative codes. There is also a list of 20 things that don’t have an object that quickly identifies them. This is one my most difficult parts. I find it challenging to come up with an image for something that isn’t really an image. But I flew through that part and only missed one.

Again, I think the key to this is going through the lessons at a fast pace. Focus on the lessons. Don’t get stuck trying to come up with the perfect image. If you can’t come up with an image quickly have Google images open in a new window and just go with one of those.

I am gaining a lot of confidence in my memory now. This course is really starting to amaze me. Like many people I was hesitant to buy an online memorization course. Seriously, if you watch the videos of Ruslan and think “I bet he is faking that somehow.” You will discover after lesson 1 that this has potential. I am only at lesson 5 of 59 lessons and I feel this is worth the time, energy and money.

If you are hesitating to try this course and want to talk with a student. Just let me know and we can find a way to talk.

PMemory Lesson 4 – Exercises 1 – 3

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During Lunch I completed the School of Phenomenal Memory Lesson 4 Exercises 1 through 3. That is approximately 10 minutes per exercise. Exercise 1 and 2 were simple, but I struggled a bit with linking familiar information to memorize places. One of the areas I always find I have trouble is finding (or realizing) an image that fits the situation. As a person that is normally not visual, I need to focus on building my image vocabulary. One method I’ve used in the past is the Google image labeler. A few minutes a day to describe images makes for good practice. I need to get back on that.

How do you build your image vocabulary? Does image visualization come naturally to you?

PMemory Lesson 3

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The School of Phenomenal Memory Lesson 3 adds a little complexity, but it is not difficult. You start to tie several of the different pieces together. For example, you may memorize a list, recall the list and identify the number that is associated with the letters in each word. You also use the Symbolization Method to memorize words that are not directly associated with a physical object. I also generated a third list of support images, used the Chain method, Cicero method and Russian doll method again.

I still feel like I am just getting started, but I can see that this memory course is beginning to work.

A couple times I left a meeting with 20 new customers and I could recall the names of each person at the table (in the order they sat at the table). Honestly, I don’t know what part of the class taught me that, but I did it. I think a large portion of the class is demonstrating focus and attention to detail. If you really start to pay attention, you will start to memorize more. Think about it for a minute. . . do you really pay close attention during introductions? Or are you worrying about what you will say during the introduction? Pay attention and you’ll remember more. This course is teaching me that as an added bonus!

PMemory Lesson 2

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The School of Phenomenal Memory Lesson 2 was a small step up. It incorporates drills to repeat much of the methods learned in lesson 1 and adds some of the number memorization techniques. I am on to lesson 3 and making slow, but steady progress. I’ve resorted to performing one or two exercises each day to maintain the momentum. Doing a full lesson takes less than an hour and I hope to start doing a full lesson each day soon. But I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t get there. It is more important to do a little each day to keep the senses sharp rather than to do a full lesson every few days.

I am still impressed with the techniques and I can’t wait to see what I can remember as I progress.

PMemory Lesson 1

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The School of Phenomenal Memory Lesson 1 is a fun lesson. It is easy to follow and actually quite fun. I memorized four different lists of 20 or more objects each using the Chain Memorization method, the Russian Doll Memorization technique, and the Cicero List Memorization method. Lesson 1 only took me 55 minutes to complete and it was really motivating. By seeing what I am capable of only makes me want to push on to the next lesson. While I may not feel like I did a “work out” and built a my memory muscles with lesson 1, I clearly see that it is all about form. Knowing what the future lessons hold has me thinking of “feeling the burn….” because I know they will really build my memory muscles.

As part of this lesson, I established a list of 25 support images that I will use to remember lists in specific order. You can think of each item in the list as a sticky note that you attach information to. Since the support images are memorized in order, the “sticky notes” help keep your list in perfect order.

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